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Problems with path, prefix and delimiter with Object Storage



We're having problems with the behaviour of path, prefix and delimiter
parameters when calling list_objects, get_objects, etc; using
python-cloudfiles and the Bexar release.

I'm asking here because we don't know if this is a bug or the
documentation is wrong [1].

We're dealing with pseudo-hierarchical folders/directories, and when
setting path we're not getting pseudo-directories (as the documentation
seems to suggest with the given example).

We're trying the following case:


That means: 4 files, and 2 different pseudo-directories (using test/ as
root for the tests).

a. list_objects(prefix='test/')

 ['test/a.txt', 'test/a/b.txt', 'test/a/b/a.txt', 'test/a/b/c.txt']

4 files, as expected.

b. list_objects(prefix='test/', delimiter='/')

 ['test/a.txt', 'test/a/']

1 file and 1 pseudo-directory, as you can see with 'subdir':

c.list_objects_info(prefix='test/', delimiter='/')

 [{u'bytes': 13, u'last_modified': u'2011-03-17T11:46:03.596480',
u'hash': u'e6a394bb2cdb1a7b044b37a48e024b2c', u'name': u'test/a.txt',
u'content_type': u'text/plain'}, {u'subdir': u'test/a/'}]

c. list_objects(path='test')


It's not returning any pseudo-directory (and according to common/db.py
it can't).

So our problem is 'path' query parameter. Is this the expected behaviour
or is it a bug?

Note: checking the code, path implies that prefix=path and
delimiter='/'; and path won't return any pseudo-directories as shown in

If someone can explain the path behaviour maybe we should provide a
patch for the documentation, or submit a bug. Thanks!

Kind regards,



Juan J. Martínez
Development, MEMSET

mail: juan@xxxxxxxxxx
 web: http://www.memset.com/

Memset Ltd., registration number 4504980. 25 Frederick Sanger Road, Guildford, Surrey, GU2 7YD, UK.

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