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OpenStack Governance Nomination Process Closes Tonight


The OpenStack governance nomination process will close tonight at Midnight
CST. If you wish to be nominated for any of the 5 available slots, please
add your name to the appropriate position at
http://etherpad.openstack.org/Spring2011-Elections or email me directly.

I am going to check all names listed below against the appropriate lists to
ensure that these people are eligible to be nominated for the position. If I
find that you are not eligible, I will remove your name and contact you
immediately. If your name is listed below and you do not wish to accept the
nomination please let me know by 9am CST Monday morning as I will be
building the voting tools then and starting the election process.

Finally, I have received some requests for people to add a short bio about
themselves to assist in voting. If you are eligible and plan to accept the
nomination, please add that info to the existing Etherpad at
http://etherpad.openstack.org/Spring2011-Elections. My apologies for not
thinking of this sooner and collecting the information earlier so don't hold
it against anyone in the voting process who does not have their bio
information on the Etherpad.

Here is the current list of nominations:


Vishvananda Ishaya
Jesse Andrews
Rick Clark (from chuck short)
Romain Lenglet (romain@xxxxxxxxxxx)  [from Dan Dumitriu]
Soren Hansen
Paul Voccio
Josh Kearney

Greg Holt
John Dickinson

Rick Harris
Jay Pipes

PROJECT POLICY BOARD (2 Seats Available)
Rick Clark
Chuck Thier
Devin Carlen
Eric Day
Thierry Carrez [from Dave Walker]
Nasser Ghanemzadeh 
Sebastian Stadil
Winston Damarillo

Thank you,

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