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Re: Reminder: OpenStack team meeting - 21:00 UTC


2011/3/22 michael_chin1979 <michael_chin1979@xxxxxxx>

> hello ,everyone ,i am freshman in this team and from china.  Team meeting
> will be hold at 21:00 UTC and in China will be at 05:00 am,it is too early
> for us , is there another meeting by daylight?


I've been traveling to Korea and Singapore and have been in the same
situation. I am simply waking at 4:45am for these meetings. Meeting notes
and IRC logs are provided after every meeting for those unable to attend.

As the majority of developers are in the USA and Europe, I think the 21:00
UTC meeting time is fairly reasonable. I do propose that it might be more
agreeable to push this to 24:00 UTC if the Europeans do not protest too
badly. The time in the US would remain within or close to business hours on
both coasts while making the meetings more reasonable for those in Asia.

Eric Windisch

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