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Re: Instance IDs and Multiple Zones


On Mar 23, 2011, at 9:41 PM, Justin Santa Barbara wrote:

> The type of a server @id in CloudServers is xsd:int, which is a 32-bit signed integer:
> http://docs.rackspacecloud.com/servers/api/v1.0/xsd/server.xsd
> So if you have 1 billion integers per zone, you only get 2 zones.  You can have 4 if you're willing to go negative, but surely it's too early in the campaign.

	Yes, you're correct. That always trips me up: why would anyone pick a signed integer for a PK?

	OK, so I'll slice the ranges down to the current Rackspace practice of 10 million. That will allow for around 2000 zones.

-- Ed Leafe

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