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Re: Proposal to defer existing OS API v1.1 to Diablo, for greater stability in Cactus


Justin Santa Barbara wrote:
> [...]
> Thoughts?  Anyone from the Titan team want to comment on how they feel
> about the timetable for delivering the APIs in Cactus?  ttx?

I agree with you, Justin...

Even if we continue to address gaps as "bugs", there will very soon come
a time when we can no longer accept them, especially if we want to make
sure what we already have in is properly tested.

It all boils down to how far we are, I guess, and I miss hard data on
that. If there are just a few more gaps, those can be addressed before
GammaFreeze and we should be ok. If there are more gaps that can be
possibly addressed by GammaFreeze (April 7), we should definitely switch
to a plan B. There is no point in rushing support and risking stability
to be 95% there. If we can't have 100%, I prefer a more stable way to be
at 90%.

Thierry Carrez (ttx)
Release Manager, OpenStack