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Re: Federated Identity Management (bursting and zones)


From: Vishvananda Ishaya [vishvananda@xxxxxxxxx]

> I think account/action tuple isn't too complicated.  If we decide not to use use the resource_groups as
> tags, meaning multiple can be applied to same object, then we probably need this functionality.  Or else we 
> will have some crazy user with a different resource_group owner for every single vm in their organization.

That could still happen regardless. Again, I think it's easier to just update one group than run around updating tags on many instances. 

> Yes, I was agreeing with your point.  Again the multilple ownership I was suggesting was single-ownership 
> with tags that act as pseudo-owners.  Canonical url can still be under the "owner", but allowing to list by 
> tag, for example, makes listing all the instances under a shared group possible without crazy aggregation
> schemes.  Again, not sure it is worth the complexity, so if we can find a way around the listing issues and
> organization level roles issues that I mentioned in my other email, I'm happy to avoid it.

Perhaps I'm missing where the 'crazy aggregation' part comes in? We get a flat list of Resource Groups from MyCo and do a Select against the DB for all of them. Only MyCo AuthZ has to worry about nesting, we just have a flat list. 


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