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Cactus GammaFreeze now in effect


Hello everyone,

We are in the last week before release, and now GammaFreeze is in
effect. From now on, -core teams should only accept branches that fix
release-critical issues (i.e. linked to a bug that has "cactus-rc" or
"1.3-rc" in the "milestone" field).

In order to help spotting those RC branches, the magic Reviews list
shows them with a clock icon and prioritizes them:

The RC bugs appear at:

The release manager and PTLs have the possibility to add more bugs to
those lists, but we'll do so with extra care. Every bugfix that lands
now makes testing more difficult and carries the risk of introducing an
issue that is more critical than the bug it was supposed to fix, with no
time left for testing to spot the regression.

If you have a bugfix ready that you think really *needs* to be in
Cactus, please follow the exception procedure to nominate your bug for
the RC lists:

Next step: Tuesday EOD, RCFreeze, where we freeze everything to generate
a release candidate.

Thanks for your help,

Thierry Carrez (ttx)
Release Manager, OpenStack