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Enhancements to Glance in Diablo? Input welcomed


Hey all,

We're in the planning stages for Diablo now, working on putting
together blueprints, which turn into sessions at the design summit.

I know the Glance team is small and our project narrow in scope, but
it would be great to get some feedback from the list about stuff you'd
like to see included in Glance in the Diablo release.

Some possible thoughts:

* Authn/authz - This is a big one, but dependent on the overall
discussion of federated auth going on in the Nova/Swift communities.
Glance will merely follow suit with what Nova does most likely.
* Image conversion. This actually already has a blueprint, but maybe
good for a detailed discussion at the summit? See
* Metrics - for instance, tracking operations performed (read/write,
bytes out/in, ?) Would this even be useful?
* Integration with more backend storage systems?
* XML support in the API?
* Having Glance "understand" what is contained in the disk images by
inspecting them on upload?
* A Glance dashboard app?

Please feel free to expand on any of the above and add any suggestions
you have on the future direction of Glance. Your input is truly


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