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Unconference forum at the Design summit


Hello everyone,

There was a huge number of sessions submitted for the design summit ! We
have only 3 days though, and we cannot be in two places at the same
time, so we had to make choices. We decided to concentrate the design
summit sessions on core projects topics needing discussion, and to
reduce the discussion to the minimum length possible.

We expect lots of discussions to continue between the interested parties
outside of the session itself. We also needed a place for the peripheral
discussions to go (sessions on non-core code, educational presentations,
overflow discussions, demos...). Rather than refusing them, or adding
more process and scheduling nightmares, we decided to organize those

Depending on the available rooms, we'll have one or more rooms dedicated
to this "unconference forum". This one will be directly organized by the
participants, by placing their session name on a big whiteboard with
empty slots waiting to be filled. All the details (when it starts, where
it is, etc.) will be precised at the opening session of the design summit.

Let's make the most of those 3 days !

Thierry Carrez (ttx)
Release Manager, OpenStack

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