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Making Nova HA summit notes


I have attached the slides and Tushar Patil doc on making nova-network ha along with the etherpad notes on the bottom.

I hope to follow this email up later on in the week with plans for a full reference document based on Cacti. Thanks for everyone’s participation at the Summit.

Edward Konetzko

Etherpad notes

This Etherpad is for the
Discussion on Design & Software Considerations for Making Nova HA/Fault Tolerant
Please put ideas or comments in the appropriate sections

- Does zones alleviate the need for HAing the DB?

For comparison http://wiki.secondlife.com/wiki/Message_Queue_Evaluation_Notes
- Need to update managers to create persistant queues and messages
- XMPP an alternate?
Talk to RabbitMQ devs about
- Long term can we use Burrow?

NTT Data documentation mailed to openstack list for their heartbeat POC tests Are there issues running multiple network nodes and assigning the same IP to mutlple instances?
How about VRRP protocol?
--> we (NTT) are planning to evaluate VRRP using keepalived or some other software. Does anyone knows suitable software?

Vish said you can run more then one
- Yeah with zones and how the scheduler is structured now, it can

Possibliy to run this behind real web server, apache, nginx




Other ideas
Services should use dns srv records or something to automate service discovery, this would make running large infrastructures and ipv6 configureation alot easier. - zeroconf? -<-- like the idea but anyone can announce anything in zeroconf it has no idea of a master for security.
Look at vrrp and keepalived

Take aways
Start Discussion with Rabbitmq
Message Bus needs more investigation
Discussion on how do we make messages have delievery
Give feed back to end user, fail or pass just dont leave state in pending forever

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