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Re: Reminder: OpenStack team meeting - 21:00 UTC


Thomas Goirand wrote:
> Each weeks, it's at that time. Here, that makes it 5am, and I don't
> really wana wake up just to chat on IRC, but still would like to be
> there, especially because I couldn't attend the design summit, and that
> I'm currently trying to get up-to-speed to what's going on. Would it be
> possible to not schedule it always at the same time? If that's only an
> issue for me, and that it's perfect time for others, then I'd understand
> to not change the time though... But as much as I can tell, even in
> California, that's 2pm, which is quite late already.

We've been through that before... The current time was picked to
accomodate from Japan to Western Europe, which represents about 95% of
our developers.

We /could/ do rolling meeting times, but PTLs and release manager are
necessary in that meeting, so we still need to accomodate from
California to Western Europe, which doesn't add so many options... And
the benefit should outweigh the resulting confusion.

Thierry Carrez (ttx)
Release Manager, OpenStack

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