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DRBD storage for Openstack installations


We were researching Openstack for our private cloud, and want to share
experience and get tips from community as we go on.

We have settled on DRBD as shared storage platform for our installation. LVM
is used over the drbd device to mange logical volumes. OCFS2 file system is
created on one of volumes, mounted and set up as *image_path* and *
instance_path* in the *nova.conf*, other space is reserved for storage
volumes (managed by nova-volume).

As a result, we have shared storage suitable for features such as live
migration and snapshots. We also have some level of fault-tolerance, with
DRBD I/O error handling, which automatically redirects I/O requests to peer
node over network in case of primary node failure. We created
bootstrapping lost VMs in two crash scenarios:
* dom0 host restart/domU failure: restore VMs on the same host
* dom0 host failure: restore VMs on peer node
We are considering such pair of servers with shared storage as a basic block
for the cloud structure.

For whom it may interest, the details of DRBD installation are
I'll be glad to answer any questions and highly appreciate feedback on this.

Oleg S. Gelbukh,
Mirantis Inc.

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