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Re: Nova not building on SID with python2.7


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> So, first you need to get a fresh snapshot of pyopenssl (or backport
> the patch for the removed SSLv2 stuff to a released version) built.
> Then you need to get eventlet built against this new pyopenssl snapshot.
> Then you can build Nova with Python 2.7.

This doesn't work like this in Debian: I do not own
the pyopenssl package, so I need to wait until the
pkg-python-modules team does it. I can send a patch
against the package, and if it takes more than a
week or 2 without an upload, then I can NMU (non
maintainer upload) in the delayed queue. But I wont
just fix like that, that would be considered as
rude to not work with current maintainers.

I suppose you (Soren) know already how it works in
Debian, but not everyone might, and I think it is
best to make sure that everyone understand why I'm
not uploading Nova to Debian right now.

Thomas (from my phone)