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Welcome Belinda Lopez, OpenStack Training Manager


Hi all -
I have been meaning to introduce you to Belinda Lopez, our OpenStack
training manager here at Rackspace. She has a strong technical writing
background and will be developing training curriculum, managing classes, and
creating a certification program for OpenStack in collaboration with you
all. It's a tall order but since she has experience with Ubuntu cloud
training and training trainers at NASA I think she'll sort it out. :) I
believe Belinda's even going to start an OpenStack glossary so I know we've
hired the right person. Tenants and accounts and users, oh my.

Belinda works out of her home near Galveston, Texas, but will be coming to
various locations, rolling out training programs and working with trainers. You
may have had a chance to meet her in person at the Design Summit, but I also
wanted to be sure to e-introduce her to the list. We welcome her warmly!

*Anne Gentle*
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