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Starting an OpenStack web/docs meeting


Hi all -

Great refresh on both the openstack.org site by Todd Morey (wow, that was a
ton of work) and the front page of the wiki by Thierry. Way to go!

I'm looking at all our web properties all the time and I am inspired to
start holding monthly meetings to gather contributors together, share
information, and to help people get to know the process around each web
site. From the main site to the wiki to each RST site to the docs site, they
all serve a common purpose and we want to make them helpful and useful and

We'll use IRC and the meeting bot and the openstack-meeting channel to hold
these meetings. Now, to find a good time. Since we have contributors around
the world and I'd like to report to the dev meetings
on Tuesdays, I'd like to propose that we start with the first Monday of the
month, June 6, 2011 at 9:00 pm CST Monday evening (02:00
We'll just meet monthly at first and adjust as needed.

As a side note, I'm getting ready for the Open Help Conference in Cincinnati
June 3-5. If ever a conference was finely tuned to my needs, this one is it,
with talks about open source docs, open source support, and open source
certification programs all on the list. :)

Hope to see you in #openstack-meeting for our first meeting.


*Anne Gentle*
 my blog <http://justwriteclick.com/> | my
LinkedIn <http://www.linkedin.com/in/annegentle> |
Twitter <http://twitter.com/annegentle>

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