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Updating SystemUsageData blueprint w.r.t. accounts/tenants


A few of us were looking at starting to implement
http://wiki.openstack.org/SystemUsageData, starting with updating the
spec to reflect plans related to unified auth (the keystone project).

In the blueprint, it was called out that data was to be aggregated by
Account ID - which it claimed is NOT the same as a project.

My understanding of how unified auth will work is:

   Nova will be sent a Tenant, User, Roles/Groups from the auth_token middleware

If this is so, accounts (things that bind many tenants together) would
exist outside of nova, so this level of aggregation (multiple tenants
into an account) would occur in an external billing system, not in

I'd like to clarify this so I can update the blueprint.  (or
alternatively clarify how tenants/users and ... work)


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