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Lunr Update


Howdy Stackers,

It has been a while, so I thought I would send out an update.

We are still in the process of doing initial R&D work, and hope to have some
code available for people to poke at and comment on in the next few weeks.
 This will include a first rough cut of our proposed volume API, driver
model, and general architecture.  I feel that we are making good strides,
and look forward to sharing the code with everyone soon.  The code will
likely still be very rough, but should be a good starting point for us, and
the community to begin building off of.

I would also like to clarify the initial purpose of Lunr.  The main goal of
Lunr is to provide EBS like functionality on top of various storage
backends.  We will be adopting a driver model that should be similar to that
of the current Nova volume, and at the worst, be very trivial to port from
Nova to Lunr.  We welcome contributions that support various 3rd party
storage systems, and plan to support extra functionality through the
openstack extension API specification.  Lunr will also include a reference
storage driver that will support exporting iscsi volumes from commodity

We also have started a IRC channel (#lunr on freenode), so feel free to pop
in and say hi.


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