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Re: SQLAlchemy migration number conflicts


On Jun 1, 2011, at 9:47 AM, Dan Prince wrote:

> We are getting lots of conflicts with migration numbers in merge props.
> What are thoughts on using date time stamps (UTC format) instead of sequential numbering?
> So instead of:
> 021_rename_image_ids.py
> We'd use:
> 20110402122512_rename_image_ids.py (or something similar).
> Rails projects now use this naming scheme as the default primarily to avoid merge conflicts. I personally like the a sequential numbering scheme better for many of my smaller projects but the DTS format makes sense when there are many people on a project.

	Another option is to have a migration reservation page in the wiki. It would contain a table with a sequence of numbers in the first column, and a blank cell in the right column. When you need to add a migration, fill your branch name next to the first available number, and that number's yours. If there's a conflict, it will be clear who needs to change their number.

	It's a manual process, sure, but this isn't a process that's repeated all that often.

-- Ed Leafe

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