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Nova Reviews


Hey Guys,

1. I proposed a while ago that the second core member to review a branch as Needs Fixing sets the MP to Work In Progress.  Some people have been doing this and I think it is helping.  I never followed up on the last email to mention it as an official policy.  I haven't heard any dissenting votes so from now one we can adopt that as the standard practice.

2.  We are falling behind in merge reviews once again. As per the last release meeting, we are switching to two assigned reviewers a day. The list is here: http://wiki.openstack.org/Nova/ReviewDays. If you are like me, you might want to manually add your day to your calendar so you don't accidentally double book lots of meetings and you have lots of time to switch with other people if need be.

3. It also appears that some people in nova-core are busy with other concerns and don't have time for reviews.  As the gating for merges is based on nova-core, we'd prefer to keep people on the review list that actually have time for it.  If you don't have time, please ask to be removed from nova-core so you aren't scheduled for reviews.


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