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swift update


A quick update from the swift team:

Since my last update, we added some additional quarantine checks for corrupted objects and a nice ops tool called recon. Recon is middleware that is loaded on the object server and monitors a storage node for various things like async pending files, load, disk usage, etc. It includes both a cron job script and a CLI script. The docs are not fully fleshed out for it yet; our plan is to get some more day-to-day experience with using it first.

My plan is to have one more release before Diablo is released. This last release (swift 1.4.3) will be the official Openstack swift release. I expect it to be released around the end of this month. Since we have already accomplished all the diablo requirements we had, this release will simply be whatever else gets done before then (like the aforementioned ops tools and quarantine improvements).

Development continues on swift-related projects. We are working on improving our language bindings and refactoring our CDN origin server.


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