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Re: Error whence starting nova-network - iptables-restore


Hi all!

Just to report about my problem...

I've detected the cause. Among many log entries, one character was very
important: the # in the following line:

(nova): TRACE: Stderr: "Bad argument `#'\nError occurred at line: 18\nTry
`iptables-restore -h' or 'iptables-restore --help' for more information.\n"

What happened was that to better organize my nova.conf configuration file I
added some comments after the parameter in one line. The problem was
specifically in:

--fixed_range= # This is the range nova-network works on.

No way! Comments are accept ONLY if one line starts with #. Put coments
after the parameter seems like not permitted. So, iptables was trying to
apply some rule using the entire line, causing problem with the #.

I don't know how the parse of the file is made. If it isn't so hard, it
stays as suggestion to analyse # as comments everywhere in the file.

Thanks everybody!