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vlan setup and cisco switch



It's been a while since I configured a cisco switch myself. I'm wondering
if you can help me... I'm trying to use vlan networking

I have installed two nodes and my eth0 in both nodes goes to a cisco 2960
switch, to ports 1 and 3

I used this command to create the network:

nova-manage network create --multi_host T --network_size 16
--num_networks 16 --bridge_interface eth0 --fixed_range_v4 --label internal

Here's my setup

nova (all)

nova(compute, volume and network)

The nodes show the vlan100 interface so I think so far the problem I'm
having relies on the switch... maybe i haven't configured it correctly....

Here's an ifconfig: http://pastebin.com/A3Z3tJz2

On the switch, I created vlan100 with a command like:
vlan 100 name cloud

Then configured the ports with:
interface range fastethernet 0/1-4
switchport mode access vlan 100

This didn't work, so i was told i needed to enable Trunk mode. So I did
interface range fastethernet 0/1-4
switchport mode trunk
switchport trunk native vlan 100

But somehow i think im doing something in the switch, so that's why I'm
asking you guys

I hope you can help me...


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