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Test failures in keystone with python 2.6


Hello there,

I've had some difficulties getting tests to pass in keystone on python 2.6 since some commits on December 23:


I'm still a bit new to the differences between python 2.6 and 2.7, but I tried running the tests on a few different platforms anyway to see if I could find a pattern:

  Debian Squeeze (python 2.6.6) - failed
  Debian Wheezy (python 2.7.2) - passed
  Fedora 15 (python 2.7.1) - passed

Here's the failure I'm having in python 2.6:


Is anyone else having a similar issue on python 2.6?  I've triple-checked to make sure my python modules are up to date with what is required by tools/pip-requires within the keystone repository.

Major Hayden

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