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Openstack configuration with single interface and with external dhcp


  I need to configure Openstack on private vlan where DHCP ips are pushed
from external DHCP server to the private vlan. I don't have control over
DHCP or the network and I want to setup Openstack on my vlan. Further the
two boxes I got have only single interface on each. Is this setup  possible
? as I am struggling with this setup for about two weeks now, can you
please provide a guide.
  Right now I have set it up with FlatDHCP where both machines are having
br100 on eth0. Further, network_host is pointed to nova-network machine.
DHCP is initiated on range on br100 ( Fixed IP range). I
have configured 10 floating ips on openstack,which are given by external
DHCP. When a VM start on Network host machine I could assign floating ip to
an instance then that instance is accessible from other machines on our
dhcp network, But when the vm is booted on other compute machine, I can't
access it from public network. But I could access the vm from nova-network
host machine using both public and private ip,  Can you please help me on
this ?


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