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Re: [OpenStack] OpenStack with Xen


On 01/04/2012 01:05 AM, Guilherme Birk wrote:
> I've already have a Nova configuration working with kvm. Now I want to
> install and configure the Xen enviroment. Anyone can recomend any
> material or tutorial where I can find how to install, configure and then
> integrate with OpenStack ?

FYI, XCP has just been uploaded to Debian SID , so you might want to
have a try with it. But I have to warn you that there are few issues
that aren't yet fixed. Namely:

1/ XCP version reporting is broken. http://paste.debian.net/150865/ I
had to hack around. In
/usr/lib/python2.7/dist-packages/nova/virt/xenapi_conn.py, in the def
get_product_version(self):, I've just put: return (6, 10, 3) instead of
previously return tuple(int(part) for part in product_version.split('.'))
Note that upstream authors (Mike and Jon) are working on using
PLATFORM_VERSION instead of currently PRODUCT_VERSION so we have a real
fix, and not a hack as above.

2/ We need a python-xenapi package, which has already been worked out,
but this is still in the Git of alioth.debian.org, until 2/ is fixed.
Once we got this done, then nova-compute-xen can be built correctly.

3/ You'd better use both nova and xen-api from Alioth's Git, as there
are other fixes that haven't been uploaded to SID yet, but that I've
fixed already.

Last, I haven't yet succeed in having either console or network
connectivity in an instance. Hints would be welcome here (let's hope
I'll get more help from Citrix here...).

Last, I hope to find more people interested in running OpenStack with
XCP, and hope we can fix all the remaining issues together. :)


Thomas Goirand (zigo)