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swift release 1.4.5


It's time again for a swift release. We have cut the swift 1.4.5 release and it's headed to QA. We expect it to be validated by the end of this week and it should land for public use early next week.

Below is the changelog for this release. The highlights are the swift-orphans and swift-oldies tools and the fix to swift-init to support swift-object-expirer.

As always, you will be able to upgrade to this release with no downtime for your users.

Full changelog for swift (1.4.5)

    * New swift-orphans and swift-oldies command line tools to detect
      orphaned Swift processes and long running processes.

    * Command line tool "swift" now supports marker queries.

    * StaticWeb middleware improved to save an extra request when

    * Updated swift-init to support swift-object-expirer.

    * Fixed object replicator timeout handling [bug 814263].

    * Fixed accept header 503 vs. 400 [bug 891247].

    * More exception handling for auditors.

    * Doc updates for PPA [bug 905608].

    * Doc updates to explain replication more clearly [bug 906976].

    * Updated SAIO instructions to no longer mention ~/swift/trunk.

    * Fixed docstrings in the ring code.

    * PEP8 Updates.

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