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XCP and Openstack questions


Hi Todd, and other openstackers,

With the release of XCP 1.3-15 in Debian SID (which I uploaded 4 days
ago), we have a python-xenapi package, and I already modified nova to
build-depends on it, and nova-compute-xen to depends on it. I've tested
it, and it works. However, all this is for the moment only in the git on
alioth.debian.org, where we keep all our packaging work in Debian.

I already started writing a README.xcp_and_openstack to document how to
do an Openstack + XCP setup.

However, there's still a lot that I don't know, and I'd be delighted to
get help. Let me enumerate my issues.

1/ Networking
I'm unsure what network manager will work with XCP. On this page:


it's written to use:

But would the VLan manage work? Also, should I use openvswitch? If yes,
how does this work?

Does OpenStack + XCP still use nova-network? Is all traffic for the VMs
routed through it as with KVM and libvirt? Should I still create a
bridge on the nova-network domU?

How does Openstack injects IP addresses in an XCP VM? Can this even be
done? Should I use dnsmaq on my nova domU?

I did:
nova-manage network create private 1 64

That seem to work. Now, how would I do to add a single, public, IP
address, and assign it to a VM?

2/ Images
What are OVF images? How to generate it? Where to download some?

3/ Console
on the same wiki page, it tells about using VNC. While this does work, I
didn't have access to the login prompt. What's the way, if using
openstack, to tell that the console is hvc0 (or whatever is the Xen
console device name)?

Then, what's the normal way to access to the console, without using such
hack (eg: customers obviously, wouldn't have ssh access to the dom0 in
order to do port forwarding)?

For the moment, I have this:

root@GPLHost:openstack>_ ~# euca-get-console-output i-00000002

I'd like to have something better than a "FAKE CONSOLE"! :)

I hope I can have these concerns addressed so I can move forward,
Thanks to anyone who can help,


Thomas Goirand

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