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Re: Proposal for new devstack (v2?)



Yes we haven't been 100% doing the style stuff yet (which is ok I think for now).

My idea for not using an underlying fabric was just to keep it as simple as possible (but not to simple). Not always an easy choice :-)

On 1/17/12 10:56 AM, "Andy Smith" <andyster@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:

Looks cool :)

I've been trying to plant the seed of switching devstack to python (heavily utilizing fabric and cuisine) in my team's head for a while now.

We are heavily dependent on devstack for our development and testing workflows so it would be a pretty big decision for us to switch tools, and we'd be doing very active development on whatever new tool we switched to.

The general flow and goals of the tool seem appropriate, and it looks like it could be a good starting place for work in this direction.

The style of the code is pretty far from most of the common openstack style guides, but that's pretty easily solvable, as are the other small things to get the project looking more openstack-y.

I'd still be interested in using fabric and cuisine as the underlying layer because of having a well-tested, built-in way of dealing with remote servers allows for some more versatility.


On Tue, Jan 17, 2012 at 10:20 AM, Joshua Harlow <harlowja@xxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
Hi all,

I would just like to propose a new devstack (v2?) that we have been starting to work on that uses python throughout as well as has componentized installs (for glance, nova...) and a nice object oriented design and the like (including having a json format for defining package and pip dependencies that allows simple comments so people can know what the pkgs are). We are currently trying to get equivalence going for ubuntu (and at the same time rhel6.x) and I would like it if we could get peoples initial thoughts on this.

I know the current devstack shell script is starting to explode (LOC wise) and it seems like it is a good time to stop that from exploding by creating something a little more flexible (and maintainable imho).

Please check it out @ https://github.com/yahoo/Openstack-Devstack2

Comments welcome!

We are working on getting as much equivalence as we can (while still maintaining a "clean" design).



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