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Re: how metadata service works in multi_host mode


On Wed, Jan 18, 2012 at 05:10:26PM +0800, heut2008 wrote:
> hi,folks
>   I am confused that when we config nova to use multi_host in Vlan mode.
> both nova-compute and nova-network run in the same server.
> how does the instance get the metadata.
> 1、the instance try to get the metadata from the request is
> send to nova-network through the switch confingured with trunk,
> 2、nova-network change the dst address of the packet to nova-api address and
> port.
> 3、nova-network forward the reqest packet to nova-api server.(
> 4、 the src address now is the  address of the instance which the api server
> does not know.so the result is the packet can't be routed to the
> instance.
> is this right? may i misunderstand some thing.please correct me .


In multi_host  mode, you will need  to have the metadata  api running on
each  compute server.  You will  need to  run nova-api  with the  option
--enabled_apis=metadata in /etc/nova/nova.conf to  only run the metadata

At least that's how we got it working.
François Charlier
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