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how to verify nova uses openstackx extensions?



I'm strugling with my dashboard setup on fedora, and I would like to verify
nova sees openstackx extensions. I don't see anything in logs about it:

grep -ri openstackx /var/log/{nova,keystone,glance}/*

returns nothing. System is fedora 16 + openstack from rawhide, and horizon
from git using diablo branch.

The only thing related to keyword admin (in openstackx extensions) is this
log, which doesn't necessarily relate to issue:

2012-01-11 13:48:25,026 AUDIT extensions [-] Loading extension file:
2012-01-11 13:48:25,026 WARNING extensions [-] Did not find expected name
"Admin_only" in

I have this on my nova.conf:


I know openstackx is deprecated, but so far I have failed to find a



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