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Re: Proposal for new devstack (v2?)


Sweet, we are working on getting functionality for rhel and ubuntu up and going and then hopefully some docs (and code comments) can be added in so other people can know exactly what is going on (without the typical "go read the code" response). But the idea is the following:

Have a set of json files (+ I added the ability to have simple comments) that specify the needed dependencies + versions (+ other metadata) for each distribution.


Have those different sections be handled by a class specific to a distribution (or possibly shared, ie fedora and rhel).

https://github.com/yahoo/Openstack-Devstack2/tree/master/devstack/packaging (WIP as we work with the rhel peoples to get the dependencies flushed out)

Similar with pip installs (if any):


Then this information can be updated as needed  for each release of openstack (with exact dependencies, yaaaa a win for everyone!) so that this whole pkg process becomes better for everyone.

Of course also we are allowing other types of running besides screen (I like just having it in the background via a fork with output going to files...)

That's whats going on so far :-)



On 1/18/12 3:45 AM, "Mark McLoughlin" <markmc@xxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

On Tue, 2012-01-17 at 11:20 -0800, Joshua Harlow wrote:
> My goals were/are/(may continue to be, haha) the following:
>  3.  Have the ability to have pkg/pip installation (and definition
> separate from the main code, already starting to be done), in more
> than 1 distro.
>     *   This allows others to easily know what versions of packages
> work for a given openstack release for more than one distro (yes
> that's right, more than ubuntu)

Serious kudos to you guys on this part. IMHO, having a devstack that
supports multiple distros is a massive win for OpenStack generally.

Hopefully we can dig in and help with Fedora support soonish


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