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Instances with status "error" and what to do with them in the UI


While trying to debug boot-from-volume I've ended up with instances (and
volumes for that matter) in various states of failure. Currently Horizon
simply displays all instances regardless of state (see attached ss).

Horizon can filter out instances in an error state very simply, however,
that is not necessarily the desired user experience. For example if a user
attempts to launch a new instance and the instance goes into an error state
before Horizon can render the instances page. In that case if we filtered
out instances in an error state the user would never see the instance. It
would appear as though nothing happened.

This issue exists for any asynchronous process which could result in an
object in the system with an unexpected state. This issue also impacts
every client (not just Horizon).

My question to the greater community is this: how should OpenStack present
objects in unexpected states consistently so that every client (Horizon,
CLI, third-party tool, etc) provides a consistent user experience?

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