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Re: Proposal for new devstack (v2?)


On 01/17/2012 08:20 PM, Joshua Harlow wrote:
My goals were/are/(may continue to be, haha) the following:

  1.  Add in enough abstraction so that you can look at how each component is installed/uninstalled/started/stopped by looking at a single file (maybe 2 files)
  2.  Have the ability to start/stop in different manners (not always screen)
  3.  Have the ability to have pkg/pip installation (and definition separate from the main code, already starting to be done), in more than 1 distro.
     *   This allows others to easily know what versions of packages work for a given openstack release for more than one distro (yes that's right, more than ubuntu)
  4.  Increase the level of documentation (probably not going to be in the end, inline like what is in devstack, since that just doesn't seem maintainable in the long-term)
     *   This may mean having documentation created similar to nova, glance, as a separate documentation document/page....

Still be simple "enough" to run and use so that the non-python dev can install from trunk without having to understand what is going on.


I was looking into how easy it would be to support openSUSE / SLES in devstack v2 and saw that there are currently 17 json files containing package names (with 293 versions) for ubuntu-oneiric and rhel-6. Shouldn't there be some better way than to list all this redundant information there, which makes it hard to maintain/extend?

E.g. the distro's package manager already knows about dependencies and usually has just one version of a package for a given distribution anyway. And there was even one project about mapping package-names of one Linux distribution to another:
So it should be possible to build upon it, and just list packages once.

Bernhard M.

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