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Nova network creates network but


Using the Dashboard GUI (on an openstack install on a single machine using
devstack with Quantum and OVS) and user Demo, I can create new networks by
using the button "Networks" under the Network section. A message says the
network was created and an ID is shown. However, I do not see anything
happening at Nova-network side or any other services.
 No entry is created in the "networks" table of the nova database but the
"networks" table of ovs_quantum has a new entry for the new network. When I
click on the ID of the newly created network I get the message that the
details were not found and the Nova network service reports that it could
not find that network. What am I missing?

I want to have two users have two different networks where only the VMs
from each user can communicate with each other. Right now, the VMs created
for Admin and Demo are all on the same network and can see each other. How
do I go about doing this? Thanks.

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