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nova/puppet blueprint, and some questions


Happy tag day, everyone!

The next thing I'm going to work on (for Nova/Folsom) is adding an API to assist with Puppet configuration on nova instances. The blueprint for that is here:


    I welcome comments on that proposal.

There's a fair bit of hand-waving in the Implementation section when it comes to the question of how exactly Nova will communicate puppet config to an instance. Ideally I would like to use file injection to drop a site.pp file directly onto the instance. My fear, though, is that file injection is not supported widely enough for me to rely on it. Is that right? Are there plans to support file injection on non-Xen hypervisors (most importantly, on KVM?) If I can't rely on file injection, then I probably need to use metadata instead. Is metadata injection more widely supported than file injection? And, is there any kind of 'standard' pattern for instance daemons that notice and respond to metadata changes (e.g. the guest agents module), or would I just adlib that part?



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