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Re: [DEVSTACK] officialize it!


Monty Taylor wrote:
> I think the thing you are discussing already exists.
> devstack is currently part of and managed by all of the normal OpenStack
> development infrastructure. The canonical repository for it is
> https://review.openstack.org/p/openstack-dev/devstack which is mirrored
> to https://github.com/openstack-dev/devstack. Every change to OpenStack
> is not only gated on devstack properly functioning, every change to
> devstack is gated on OpenStack properly functioning.
> Additionally, branches match up, so there is a stable/diablo that works
> with stable/diablo of all of the OpenStack branches and is a part of
> their trunk gating.
> In that sense, it's actually the first "install OpenStack" method that
> _is_ fully a part of OpenStack - even though there are also chef recipes
> and puppet modules in OpenStack's gerrit as well. (although at some
> point I wouldn't mind getting some installation testing and gating on
> them as well)
> So it's pretty official already.

We might need at some point to officialize (haha) the two different
states that grew over the Essex cycle: "core" projects and
"official-as-in-handled-by-openstack-CI" projects. Those used to be the
same set, but with git review, devstack or even the openstack-ci
devops-type repos, we are beyond that today.

The difference between them is "what is released as a deliverable as
part of OpenStack release". Core projects are what the final release is
made of. That's why they need to be decided upon even before a cycle
starts, so that they undergo a full cycle of release management.
Official projects are companion projects that help in the delivery of a
given release, but they are not formally part of it. So they can be
added a bit more freely mid-cycle. Incubated projects are also
"official" since they use CI.

I think both should be reviewed by the PPB (or the technical board of
the future Foundation) for project inclusion, though only the "core"
projects would have to go through incubation and pre-cycle promotion.

Shameless plug: just a few weeks left before the core projects for
Folsom are decided, so projects in incubation should propose themselves
soon! Other projects that would like to be considered for Folsom core
should probably have been in incubation for quite some time now.

Thierry Carrez (ttx)
Release Manager, OpenStack

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