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Re: [DEVSTACK] officialize it!


On Tue, Feb 7, 2012 at 6:51 AM, Maru Newby <mnewby@xxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> -1 on multi-distribution devstack.  Being cross-platform is arguably a place
> where chef/puppet/cfengine automation comes into play, and that's not where
> devstack's self-declared mission lies.

In the meantime devstack's mission was expanded to gate all new
commits as a part of Jenkins job e.g.
It would be fair to provide the same check on all platforms which care
to support Openstack.
Devstack on Ubuntu could stay primary target and gating criteria but
e.g. Red Hat provided Jenkins instance would add informational gerrit
comments. Same for other platforms which are willing to contribute

> +1 to continuing to have Ubuntu be the reference devstack target.
>  Maintaining support for an apt-based distribution is much easier than the
> alternatives from a developer perspective.

Why is that, could you explain so non-apt distros can improve?

> Mind you, I don't think anybody would complain if Redhat et al wanted to
> maintain their own targeted version of devstack.

Fair enough, but I'd rather avoid fork and help DevstackPy which is
designed to support multiple distros.


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