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Re: Adding a Glance image via API without POSTing the image data?


> The Horizon team is looking at adding a first-pass implementation of
> image upload before the Essex release, and we'd really like to
> bypass the problems associated with, say, passing a 700MB Ubuntu
> image through the user's browser to a web server and then across to
> Glance...
> So the question is this: is there a way to add an image to Glance via
> the API *without* passing the image data in via the POST body?
> Options might include specifying a Swift object for the image, or a
> download URL...

Hi Gabriel,

Check out the X-Image-Meta-Location header which allows a pre-existing
HTTP, S3, Swift or 'file://' image location to be specified.

The result is that the image content is not uploaded to glance, instead
the external location is relied upon.


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