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Re: Force dhcp release in Centos and Fedora


On 02/08/2012 12:47 PM, Ilya Kharin wrote:
> Hello.
> The component nova-network disassociate fixed IP of VM when it deleted. There are two mechanisms by timeout and force. Disassociate by timeout is a periodical task (period can be set by flag --fixed_ip_disassociate_timeout). The force disassociate is optional (enabled by flag --force_dhcp_release) and involved when instance have been deleted. In fact this process use CLI tool dhcp_release to send DHCPRELEASE message to dnsmasq server for drop lease and change state of fixed ip in database. In multi-host scheme it is important. So, dhcp_release is part of dnsmasq and not included in builds in Fedora and CentOS.

It probably makes sense to include this command with Fedora 16 (diablo),
Fedora 17 (essex), and EPEL 6 (diablo/essex).

> Also, in Fedora, builds of openstack-nova does not exists sudoers rule for dhcp_release command.

Yep we'll handle that for Fedora 16.
For Fedora 17 we use the new "rootwrap" functionality
so this config burden is kept within upstream openstack.

> I created bug report for building dnsmasq with dhcp_release https://bugzilla.redhat.com/show_bug.cgi?id=788485.

Cool, we'll discuss the details there so...