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Re: NEuca Extentions for OpenStack


Have you guys looked at Quantum? Can the neuca model be adapted to use
the quantum APIs? http://wiki.openstack.org/Quantum


>From a very high level, your neuca patches are bringing up VMs on a
specific VLAN. 

eth1=vlan:eth0:20: ; eth1 attaches to eth0.20 on host and
has IP

eth2=vlan:eth0:19: ; eth2 attaches to eth0.19 on host and
has IP


In quantum, the *network* is the primary abstraction and can be
implemented using VLANs or tunnels etc. We can create separate networks
and bring up VMs on specified networks. 




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We work on the Open Resource Control Architecture (ORCA) project at
RENCI UNC-Chapel Hill in collaboration with Duke University.     ORCA
is a control framework for provisioning virtual networked systems over
heterogenous resources from substrates distributed across administrative
domains.   A simpler, but incomplete description is that ORCA provisions
virtual environments of virtual and physical machines federated from
multiple cloud sites with bandwidth provisioned network that connect
them.   It does this on demand, in response to the current needs of the
users.  ORCA is a long-term NSF GENI sponsored project that has been in
development for nearly a decade. 

ORCA itself does not depend on any specific cloud virtualization stack
and we have primarily been using Eucalyptus.   Recently we have added
OpenStack support.  We like a lot of the features of OpenStack and will
be primarily be using OpenStack going forward.  However, ORCA requires
modifications to the network functionality of both Eucalyptus and
OpenStack.   We call this modification Neuca and it has been
incorporated into the main Eucalyptus release for about a year. 

I am contacting this list because I would like work on getting Necua
extensions included into OpenStack.  I am hoping that this message will
find the appropriate people.  

More information about ORCA, NEuca, and RENCI can be found at the
following urls:


Paul Ruth
Senior Distributed Systems Resercher
RENCI - UNC Chapel Hill

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