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Re: [CHEF] Aligning Cookbook Efforts


Hi Jay,

Thanks for taking the initiative to send this out!

I added comments to your points are inline below:

> Proposal for Alignment
> ======================
> I think the following steps would be good to get done by the time Essex
> rolls out the door in April:
> 1) Create a stable/diablo branch of the openstack/openstack-chef cookbook
> repo and maintain it in the same way that we maintain stable branches for
> core OpenStack projects. I propose we use the branch point that NTT PF Lab
> used to create their fork of the upstream repo.

I like the idea of maintaining a stable set of cookbooks for the official
releases. The NTT branch sounds fine to me as a starting point for diablo.
At the time of the diablo release I was maintaining cookbooks for
SmokeStack here: https://github.com/dprince/openstack_cookbooks. Using
these cookbooks around the date of the diablo release would be an option as

> 2) Work with Matt Ray and other Chef experts to combine any and all best
> practices that may be contained in the non-official cookbook repos into the
> upstream official repository. From a cursory overview, there are some
> differences in how databags are handled, how certs are handled, how certain
> cookbooks are constructed, and of course differences in the actual
> cookbooks in the repos themselves.

> 3) Consolidate documentation on how to use the cookbooks, the best
> practices used in constructing the cookbooks, and possibly some
> videos/tutorials walking folks through this critical piece of the OpenStack
> puzzle.

This sounds great.

> 4) Create Jenkins builders for stable branch deployment testing. We
> currently test the official development cookbooks by way of SmokeStack
> gates on all core OpenStack projects. Would be great to get the same
> testing automated for non-development branches of the cookbooks.

SmokeStack would easily support testing stable releases. In fact it be a
lot easier to pull off stable release testing than it is to chase trunk
like I'm currently doing :)

I actually have a 'Libvirt Mysql Milestone Proposed (Diablo)' configuration
in SmokeStack. I just haven't been running it mostly because I was focused
on upstream releases and commits. Limited resources and time....

Getting more people involved would be great.

> Thoughts and criticism most welcome, and apologies in advance if I got any
> of the above history wrong. Feel free to correct me!
> Best,
> -jay

One final note:

We are looking at adding dual support for Fedora/puppet and Ubuntu/chef to
SmokeStack in the near future. A guy named Derek Higgins from Red Hat has
made excellent progress on this front.

Dan Prince