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Re: python-swiftclient?


I'm a big proponent of standalone clients since Horizon has to consume all of them. Big +1 there.

However, there seems to be a split in the community as to what the clients should look like:

  * Glance and Quantum's clients are very flat things that basically just parse the JSON data returned and hand back dictionaries.
  * Novaclient and Keystoneclient follow an object-oriented paradigm with manager interfaces and pretty wrapper classes.
  * Cloudfiles has objects but no managers, while Swift's internal client is the dict style.

Having to work with all of these, some consistency would be nice. Moreover, if we could agree on a consistency it would allow us to create a common client base library that individual projects could then build from instead of starting from scratch each time.

All the best,

    - Gabriel

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> > What do you think if we :
> >
> > - split swift.common.client to its own.
> > - have bin/swift import that package and shipped with it.
> > - have a comprehensive test suite covering the CLI and the library.
> > - have some proper PIP release for all the projects to depend on it.
> +1
> Also, you may want to look at https://github.com/gholt/swiftly
> --John