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Feature Freeze Update


Hello Everyone,

We had excellent discussion about the outstanding Feature Freeze Exceptions. Overall e-4 is going very well. We have had tons of fixes and updates and almost all of the FFes are in. Here is an update about all of the outstanding items.  All of these patches need to be merged by the release meeting next week or they will miss essex:


These two have been waiting on the keystone redux branch to land.  It looks like the branch will land today, so we should have something up for review very soon


We had a long discussion about this one.  We decided on the following steps:

1) remove old zones code (approve sandy's branch)
2) comstud splits core changes out of his patch and proposes
3) FFe for comstud's branch
4) added zones code goes into a separate branch
5) critical bug update python-novaclient to remove zone stuff

The core changes will include some minor additions to rpc api and network api, a simple modification to compute api, and a couple of small database migrations.


This one is very close.  Lots of reviews.  I expect it to land by tomorrow


Small api extension, but code has not been proposed yet.  This one needs code ASAP


No code available yet.  I spoke with the author today, and code should be up for review by tomorrow


Code has had some initial reviews already, waiting on updates from the author


Waiting on updates and tests from the author

I really appreciate all of the effort going into bug discovery and fixing as well.