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DevStack and Fedora


I have proposed a DevStack branch that supports Fedora 16 at

Not everything is working yet, as outlined below. I am proposing now
anyway to get feedback on the direction and some of the decisions I
made along the way.  Even though this release is targeted specifically
to Fedora 16, the direction needs to include consideration for Debian
and RHEL/CentOS/etc.


Ubuntu: runs the same as before; i.e. anything broken without this
patch is still broken.
Fedora: stack.sh runs to completion WITHOUT n-vol, quantum, melange
enabled. Swift installs but doesn't respond.

Open Questions

Internally I am using the following convention to refer to the
distros: Ubuntu uses the codename adjective as expected; other
Debian-based distros use the codename directly (lenny, squeeze).  In
the Red Hat/Fedora world the codenames are not as commonly used,
rather vendor/release names such as fedora16 (or f16), rhel5.5 or
centos60.  The default for anything not otherwise recognized will be

Many of the differences are due to the packaging (deb vs rpm) and that
is what should be tested rather than release names.

At this point my plan is to only maintain package lists for Ubuntu and
Fedora.  Contributions are always welcome.

Remaining FIXMEs

lxc and cgroups: cgroup filesystems are mounted at /sys/fs/cgroup: lxc
is untested

tgtd is misbehaving on fedora16 for me: volumes don't work

packaging for OpenVSwitch isn't in fedora's default repos (yet), need
to be located: quantum and melange are untested



Dean Troyer

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