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Enabling remote participation at Folsom Design Summit


Hello folks,

since the next design summit is sold out and many people are still
interested in participating, I believe we should really make remote
participation possible.

Imitating Ubuntu Developer Summit, I think the ideal situation is to
have in each room:

 - 1 omnidirectional microphone to capture discussions and questions
 - 1 streaming client hooked to a public icecast streaming server 
 - 1 IRC channel per room
 - 1 projector showing the content of the IRC channel
 - 1 projector available for collaborative note taking via etherpad

And for plenary session:

 - full audio/video service
 - IRC channel, not shown but monitored in case there are interesting

We'll also need dedicated bandwidth from the Hyatt hotel, networking,
firewalling and the whole shabang. Anything else?

I will start investigating what Rackspace can provide but this is a big
task and I would like to make this a shared effort. 

If you have experience with this, and want to help me get the equipment,
software, services needed to enable remote participation to the Design
Summit please email me.


[1] http://uds.ubuntu.com/community/remote-participation/

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