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Re: db & notification support for API extension?


On Thu, Mar 08, 2012, Andrew Bogott <abogott@xxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> 1)  DB support
>     I need a database table to keep track of some filesystem
> metadata.  My current implementation adds the table via
> nova/db/sqlalchemy/migrate_repo... but is it really necessary to
> coordinate this table with the rest of Nova?  Would it be reasonable
> to maintain the table independently within the extension code?  And,
> if so, are there any existing extensions that do something like
> this?

This is another area where sqlalchemy-migrate is lacking. It makes it
very difficult to maintain out-of-tree migrations.

I started on a port to alembic, which has a migration model that would
make this easy to maintain in a fork.

It's incomplete and three is over a month old now, but for reference:


It probably wouldn't help drop-in plugins. Assuming it only creates new
tables and doesn't touch existing ones, you might be able to maintain
migrations separately.