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Re: OpenStack Installation Woes - Need re-assurance and help.


Hi Kevin,

As others have said, I can only speak to what I'm familiar with ( the
Managed I.T. packages).

They should be fairly up-to-date, there has been very few bugfixes to the
stable branch that I'm aware of since I last updated the packages.

Re EC2 compatibility, they are as compatible as the Diablo release is - ie
it works fine for the vast majority of API calls. Are there any specific
issues you were having?

Anyway, Essex might be approaching the RC phase, but that doesn't mean the
various packages are! The packages will always take longer..

For Essex, DevStack on 11.10 is going to be the most reliable *test*
install and Ubuntu 12.04 *will be* the most reliable  (Ubuntu based)
production install IMO.

(Sorry for the top post, on my mobile!)


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On Mar 13, 2012 9:30 a.m., "Kevin Jackson" <kevin@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>

> Dear all,
> I had my first sleepless night last night after a conversation I had in
> work regarding an OpenStack installation.  We are a planning an OpenStack
> install but I've failed to demonstrate OpenStack running in our environment
> and yet packages are now being tagged up with RC.  As big a supporter as I
> am, I'm struggling with the justifications when I have nothing tangible to
> show.  The real questions are being posed to me on why we're looking at
> OpenStack and not CloudStack or Eucalyptus - they have installations that
> we can turn to.  I was hoping Essex would help answer these questions
> relatively simply, but the opposite has happened - I am struggling to get
> OpenStack Essex working under Ubuntu - 11.10 and 12.04.  There are a few
> issues I am hoping the community can address:
> 1) What is the preferred/recommended version of OpenStack to install if
> we're looking at production (and lets say production involves a plan of
> running a number of instances of a low impact application somewhere in the
> next few months - if there are a few bugs, that's ok).
> 2) What is the preferred/recommended Linux Distribution to install this on?
> OpenStack is  fast approaching RC status.  Release Candidate to me means
> that its nearly ready, but there could be some bugs that haven't been
> raised yet.  I haven't had a working Essex since Essex-1 - it isn't a
> release candidate for me.
> I have tried the following package/scripted installations:
> 1) Ubuntu 11.10 with Diablo (Nova PPA) - some degree of success - failures
> around Keystone and EC2 API
> 2) Ubuntu 11.10 with Managedit PPA - better degree of success, but no
> EC2 compatibility and some bug fixes not back-ported
> 3) Ubuntu 12.04 (various releases) with Ubuntu packages - no success apart
> from getting Keystone to do some things, but failing to get services to use
> Keystone.
> 4) Ubuntu 11.10 with Devstack (tried yesterday - unfortunately failed
> [specific reason escapes me, I'll try another install today, but was around
> nova compute failing to start])
> I nearly got 12.04 working with Essex but then Keystone changed to
> Keystone light.  This also raised concerns with us that between Essex-3 and
> Essex-4 something as fundamental as Keystone changed and ever since then
> has formed the crux of my problems.
> It doesn't help that the documentation @ http://keystone.openstack.org/differs from
> http://docs.openstack.org/trunk/openstack-compute/install/content/identity-configure-keystone.html.
>  I also see conflicting advice on where Keystone fits - not only is the
> documentation different depending on where you enter the websites/search
> but even the Forum has Keystone mentioned under "Futurestack".  Is Keystone
> pinnacle to an Essex release?
> I even tried the devstack method of installation thinking this should be
> the safest option and this failed.  I'll try this again though to help here
> rather than just say it failed.  On looking at how Keystone is implemented,
> I see differences in configuration which I'm unsure what they are (e.g. the
> service catalog - devstack has a text based catalog and referenced directly
> in keystone.conf, Ubuntu's are SQL based - on trying the devstack config,
> Keystone fails to start under Ubuntu 12.04 for example).  I also noticed
> the nova.conf in devstack differs wildly in format to that of Ubuntu
> following the format for the rest of the configs - is this something nova
> is moving to?
> Now I'm pretty sure that OpenStack hasn't got RC status without it running
> in other people's environments - so I'd just love for you to share your
> details on how you have done this.  Is it all pull from source, install
> from source?  If that's the case - that's great as it means I can use the
> software, but it wouldn't be something I'd be doing in production on a
> modest number of machines - so the installation must come from packages
> eventually, somehow.
> Are my problems OpenStack's or Ubuntu's packaging?  I would love to speak
> to someone who has this running and direct my questions to the right place.
>  My aim is simple: I want a running OpenStack environment.
> I appreciate that my concerns are possibly more to do with Ubuntu
> packaging - but given that I was led to believe that a target in production
> would be Ubuntu 12.04 LTS + OpenStack suggests that I'm hoping I'm in the
> right area at least - and as an end user, not developer, it seems the
> correct place to be - but its that last bit I'm struggling with - how to
> get OpenStack running in the best way in a target production environment.
> Cheers,
> Kev
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> Kevin Jackson
> @itarchitectkev
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