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When & how are glance-cache* (.conf, -paste.ini) files loaded / parsed ?


Hello all,

Can someone help me understand what options need to be in "glance-api.conf"
and what options can be left to "glance-cache.conf"  , resp
"glance-cache-paste.ini" ?

Case in point: If I wanted to use the "xattr" driver, I need to specify
that in "glance-api.conf" -- specifying that in "glance-cache.conf" is
ignored.  The trivial solution is to copy the options from
"glance-cache.conf" and paste them in "glance-api.conf" but I hardly think
this was the intention of having the two split.

So I'd like to understand when & how those two files are loaded / parsed.

The questions above is for the image cache, but I guess the same type of
questions can be asked for the scrubber (i.e. glance-scrubber.conf" resp

Least I forget: This is for the E4 code release.

TIA for the help,


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