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Cleaning nova database


In a diablo/kvm cluster that has been running for a long time, a user reported problems with some vms, tried rebooting them and eventually deleted them. I recently noticed messages in the nova compute log like: Found 13 in the database and 10 on the hypervisor.

Looking at the source code I understand that this means the instances have been deleted as far as the hypervisor is concerned, but nova still thinks they are there. I found the offending instances in the database and they were still listed as in the active state even though they had a deletion date recorded. I tried to delete them but was unable due to a foreign key error with virtual_interfaces. I could play around with deleting various things from the database but there are real users. Is their a documented way to "clean up" the state of the nova database in such situations? It seems like a bug that the database could get into this state.

Also, it seems that deleted instances are never removed from the database. Is that a bug?


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