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nova-manage quota --headroom



One thing that's been on my wishlist since hitting a bunch of
quota exceeded issues when first running Tempest and also on
the Fedora17 openstack test day.

It's ability to easily see the remaining headroom for each
per-project quota, e.g.

 $ nova-manage quota --headroom --project=admin
 instances:    10  (of which 1 remaining)
 floating_ips: 10  (of which 8 remaining)

This would give an immediate indication of an impending resource
starvation issue - "shoot, I'll have to clean out some of those
old instances before spinning up two more, else increase the quota".

It would only really be useful for quotas that represent a
threshold on overall resource usage that may grow or shrink over
time, as opposed to some fixed limit (think, max instances versus
max injected files per instance).

So the question is whether there's already a means to acheive this
in one fell swoop? 

And if not, would it be best tracked with a small-scale nova blueprint,
or as an enhancement request expressed in a launchpad bug?


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